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Robert Dubac strives to raise our collective humor bar by crystallizing the bigger picture with a wit and intellect that filled with charm and fueled with ire. He is an innovative performer who is always redefining his roles from actor to comic to writer to director. Performing came early and by the age of 14 he began pounding the pavement with a magic act that took him from his home city of Atlanta to gigs up and down the southeast coastline on weekends and during school vacations. But even then Dubac's crafted theatrical interpretations of magic was mere premonition of other works to come. Dubac alternatively studied drama while performing a magic act that slowly evolved into a fine stand-up comedy routine. Oddly enough he was discovered by the rock n' roll world and toured with such acts as Kenny Loggins, Linda Rondstadt and Jimmy Buffet. Finding himself right smack in the middle of the stand-up explosion of the seventies he made the trek out west and successfully rode the comedy wave until it crashed in on itself in the mid-eighties. It was then that Dubac returned to his dramatic roots when he was chosen to study with a select group of actors under the tutelage of the great Sanford Meisner. After completion he succeeded to work in films, sitcoms and even daytime television; his stand-up career taking a back seat. However, in an effort to avoid getting stuck in the “actor for hire” scenario he once again forged into new territory. In the early nineties he created his hit one man show THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON? which has been touring worldwide ever since garnering envious reviews. THE MALE INTELLECT evokes “90 anxiously crowd pleasing minutes - SF Chronicle”. It is “fold-up and fall-down funny – Cleveland Plain Dealer” and “the kind of indisputably riotous show that sets off regular explosions of laughter – Miami Herald”. “It is adeptly conceived, refreshingly and comically stated and Dubac has no trouble keeping it up for 90 minutes – Philadelphia Inquirer”. "Dubac's wit, writing and acting makes this a don't miss night at the theatre – Denver Post" as it “elicits big laughs from both sexes in waves of treble and bass – LA Times”. “Robert Dubac is talented, entertaining and very funny! – Boston Globe”. “Four stars!! – Denver Post and Toronto Star”. In 2006 he launched the sequel to THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON? Titled ROBERT DUBAC’S MALE INTELLECT: THE 2ND COMING! he tours the country with both shows while feverishly finishing the final installment of this solo trilogy PISS AND MOAN. In his spare time he directed another solo show titled MAN 1, BANK 0 and is collaborating with some like-minded satirists on yet another performance piece titled THE BARBARIANS OF TRUTH. But it is this genre - the solo performance – that has enabled him to come full circle; focusing his writing, acting, directing and comedic talents in one arena.
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