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VIDEO AVAILABLE - click "Video Samples" below to view. Billing themselves as the "2nd best U2 show available" 2U is definitely second only to the real thing! In addition to the band performing absolutely perfect selections from U2's catalogue, each member also bears a STRIKING resemblance to their U2 counter-part. Performing for both huge auditoriums full of fans, as well as in intimate settings, 2U gives audiences a completely flawless rendition of the U2 concert, with the added bonus of being up close with their fans. Their precise emulation of a live U2 show has earned them world-wide tours. Adding to an already spectacular performance, the band has also created a multimedia experience dubbed "The 2U3D Show," in which they utilize the original studio produced U2 video, playing on a giant screen, in perfect synchronization with 2U's live show being performed simultaneously on stage. The resulting effect is absolutely riveting, and fills the audience with the full emotional impact of each song. There is no better way to bring the music, visual experience, emotion, and sheer power of a U2 concert than 2U!


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